Mazid Sons


Preconstruction Consulting:

Mazid Sons Construction Ltd. takes a ‘risk management’ approach. Prior to project start we will work with client to determine and design in risk-averse ‘build ability, (i.e. that it can be built, it will be built, and it will be problem-free) and to ensure ‘economy’ (i.e. that it can and will be delivered at the most cost-effective price without compromising quality). We evaluate all potential life cycle costs of the building and recommend materials that will provide maintenance-free solutions. We assess planning and building requirements to highlight and design out or minimize any risk.

Traditional Contracting:

If the preferred procurement route is a traditional form of contract, Mazid Sons Construction Ltd. offers a wide range of experience in this sector. As in all we do, Mazid Sons Construction Ltd. takes a non adversarial approach to construction and will highlight potential delays or cost increases as early as possible.

Management Contracting:

Mazid Sons Construction Ltd. maintains specialist management Contracting teams with the wide range of skills required to successfully manage and deliver multibillion BDT’s Bangladesh projects.